Ear Tag

  • Cattle Ear Tag
  • Cattle Ear Tag
Cattle Ear TagCattle Ear Tag

Cattle Ear Tag

  • Cattle Ear Tag
  • UHF 860-960 MHz
  • Livestock animal management
  • For cow,cattle,horse,sheep
  • Product description: RFID ear tag,animal ear tag,livestock ear tag,electronic ear tag,cattle ear tag

Cattle Ear Tag

RFID cattle ear tag is specially designed for animal management and is commonly used for tagging cows cattle beef or similar sized animals.

It can greatly improve livestock tracking and identification processes to assist with traceability and disease control for the farming, ranching, feedlot and animal harvest industries.

Establishing an unique ID systems for livestock management with RFID cattle Ear Tags, we can better simplify full life cycle tracking of food source animals and facilitate daily data collection for accurate, simplified recording.

Key Features of this RFID cattle ear tag:

- Harmless to animals

- Compact size and light weight

- High anti-collision

- ISO 11784/5 compliant  /  EPC Gen2 (ISO/IEC 18000–6C) compliant

- Suitable for large sized livestock animals such as Animal, namely cows

Applications for the RFID cattle ear tag:

livestock management solutions

(to track animals from birth to harvest in compliance with food safety, locations, vaccinations and health histories, etc.)


Alien H3/H4 , Impinj M4/M5 or customized






Yellow or customized


100*74mm , male: Dia.30mm or customized

Net Weight

Female 15.3g, male 2g ( 0.2g tolerance )

Reading Distance

1-8m  (It depends on reader power we use.)

Working temperature

-30 ℃~85℃

Storage temperature

-40 ℃~ 125℃

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