Pets tag

  • RFID Pet Tag
  • RFID Pet Tag
RFID Pet TagRFID Pet Tag

RFID Pet Tag

  • RFID Pet Tag
  • Material: plastic+epoxy
  • Logo: customize
  • Size:customize
  • Product description: RFID Pet Tag,dog tag,animal tag,pet tag

RFID Pet epoxy tag

RFID pet epoxy tag is PVC RFID smart card or RFID sticker laminated with epoxy on single or both sides. The epoxy is waterproof and will make the tag look more beautiful and well protect the tag.RFID NFC epoxy tag can be printed with custom LOGO, QR code, barcode, serial number or other customized information. Custom shape, size and thickness for RFID NFC epoxy tag is available. If you want paste RFID epoxy tag in metal surface then can use on-metal nfc epoxy tag.RFID NFC epoxy tag waterproof can be widely used in pet identification & tracking, Cows tracking / Cattles management etc.


· ANIMAL RESCUE RFID NFC Dog Tag for Pet Tracking.

· NFC Tag for Pets, equipped with QR and NFC chip. It can protect your Pet in case of loss. Compatible with all smartphone.

· If the pet gets lost, the person who finds it will be able to scan the QR or the NFC dog Tag with a smartphone. Immediately, the pet owner will be sent an email with the geographical coordinates (if communicated).


· No battery required

· No subscription required

· No expiration

· Equipped with NFC (RFID 13.56 MHZ)

· Equipped with QR Code

· Protection of sensitive data



Epoxy 1 side or double sides, ABS, plastic etc


Round: 20/22/23/25/29/30/32/38/40/50mm etc

Square: 25/29/30/35/38/50mm etc

Rectangle: 24*34/25*38/30*35/42*26/44*55/50*80/54*85.5/55*85 etc

Special shape: bone shape, animal shape, heart shape etc

etc or customized

RFID chip

LF, HF, UHF all available. Contact us freely for other RFID NFC chip.


Custom 4C LOGO printing


Number printing (Serial No etc), QR, Barcode etc
Chip program/encode/lock/encrption will be available as well (URL ,TEXT ,Number and Vcard)
Epoxy, Customize size and shape, Hole punch etc

Anti Metal

Can be anti metal or normal

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