Animal foot ring

  • RFID foot ring
  • RFID foot ring
RFID foot ringRFID foot ring

RFID foot ring

  • RFID foot ring
  • Materials: ABS
  • Chip: Hitag S256
  • Frequency: 125khz
  • Product description: RFID foot ring,RFID pigeon ring

RFID foot ring is an animal electronic tag for pigeon racing. It is designed as an open loop style tag to wear on pigeon’s foot so as to store and identify every pigeon’s information by RFID Reader. An automatic and simple tracking solution can help us avoid human errors and

provide reliable data during pigeon tracking / racing event.

With encapsulation of ABS material, this mini tag is waterproof in outdoor environment.

It can be customized as per your order requirement.

1.Memory capacity (bits) 64 bits, 256 bits, 2048 bits
2.Size (Or Custom):
12X21mm (diameter 17mm)
11X25mm (diameter can be adjusted by the bayonet 19 ~ 21mm)

11X14mm (diameter 7.5mm)
11X12mm (diameter 8.5mm)
12X13mm (diameter 9mm)

3.Packaging Materials: ABS, PP
4.Working Temperature: -45 ℃ ~ +80 ℃
5.Performance Parameters:
Operating frequency: 125Khz / 134.2Khz
Compliance with ISO11784 / 785
6.Read distance: 2-20CM (related to reader configuration)
Support ISO-11784 animal tracking data standards
Support ISO-11785 animal tracking electrical standard
Reading distance: not less than 2cm
7.Surface laser etched surface number
Factory to do strict disinfection

8.Chip Model: EM4001 / TK4100 / EM4305 / HiTag-S256


• tracking poultry and fowl (chickens, ducks, geese, pigeons)

• planting, breeding, production, epidemic prevention and sales of circulation food traceability security control.

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