• RFID UHF Pig Ear tag
  • RFID UHF Pig Ear tag
RFID UHF Pig Ear tagRFID UHF Pig Ear tag

RFID UHF Pig Ear tag

  • RFID Pig Ear tag
  • UHF 860-960 MHz
  • Round TPU small size
  • No smell
  • Product description: RFID UHF Livestock Pig Ear tag

RFID UHF Pig Ear tag


1. With 192 bit storage structure ,chip is compatible with any global identification lable of ISO18000-6C,11784/11785 Animal Protocol Standad .

2. waterproof,sun-resistant and anti-soaking , comply to IP67 standard .

Range of application:

It is suitable for low-cost animal lable application . Users can use to record specific application information by programming , such as treatment , medical coding, date or some relevant data of the owner .The memory contents can be protected by password , in order to reach the function of being complete and

confidential .

Application :

The lable is non-standard electronic lable for the ears of animals, can be used for pig’s management .

Put the electronic lable onto the ears of pigs , like giving them an electronic ID ( identification card ).The chip inside the electronic animal ID records all of the important information of the animal in details , which make it very convenient to

do more efficient tracking management for these animals ,to check the information like animal’s distribution and epidemic situation reports in a rapid and accurate way , which can control effectively and eliminate most major pestilence for class A animals ,to make the animal husbandry go into a benign and healthy developing orbit and the economic benefit for animals’operators enhance greatly .


Packaging Material


Outline Size

Main tag:Φ32mm±2mm (can custom based on customer’s requirements)


EM4305, T5577,Alien H3,Monza 4/5

Working Frequency


Working Temperature


Storage Temperature


Identification Distance

0-3M(Varing from different reader and machine power)

Medichanical resistance

Anti-beat,comply to IEC-68-2-27

Anti-shock, comply to IEC 68-2-6

Binding Power

Main lable combine firmly with auxiliary,

droping force > 200N

Anti-drawing force of main lable

When an electronic lable is drawed integrally,the bolted fracture force between the lable tip and the lable surface > 230N


Pink ( can custom for large quantity )

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