Animal microchip

Since 1 July 2008 microchip affixing is mandatory for all dogs born after this date. Electronic Identification is one of the means used for 15 years on the European continent to reduce the loss or theft of dogs and cats, consisting of the placement under the skin of the animal from a microchip with a unique identification number in the world registered in a database that has its contact.


Very effective in the event of petty theft or loss. The microchip has the approximate dimensions of a rice berry not constituting a nuisance for the animal. They can be placed in dogs, cats, exotic animals and birds.

This chip is placed painlessly with a needle laterally to the animal's neck making it impossible to detect (except using a reader of its own) and removal.

There are two databases currently in Portugal.

1- (SIRA) In the case of the database of the Veterinary Medical Association (SIRA), when an animal disappears, a communication has been made to the Union of Veterinary Doctors issuing a circular with the number of the chip and the data of the missing animal to all veterinary clinics making it impossible for them to pass undetected by one of them, provided that it has the chip reader.

2 - (SICAFE) The Canine and Feline Identification System (SICAFE) was created by the State, which establishes the requirements for the electronic identification of dogs and cats as pets, and their registration in a national database

With the publication of Decree-Laws no. 312/2003, 313/2003, 314/2003 and 315/2003 of 17 December, and their supplementary directives in the process of publication, new rules for the detention of pets are established , with a view, inter alia, to strengthening the protection of animals, preventing and combating their abandonment, controlling the holding of dangerous and potentially dangerous animals and strengthening sanitary measures.

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